Wireless planning & implementation

Following the joint elaboration of optimisation goals and receipt of a layout plan of your production hall, we can then begin to plan your wireless systems solution. This will include ascertainment of the necessary hard and software modules, as well as configuration of individual components. Our aim here is to present you with a highly reliable, yet at the same time efficient and affordable solution.

Full support during planning and implementation

You are very welcome to see for yourself the high availability of our systems in your own factory: we can optionally install a complete test environment on site and conduct extensive wireless tests. Test sensors and test Access Points will give you a far better idea of how many hardware components your own individual WSN will require and where. In addition, any sources of interference or other hurdles needing to be overcome will be discovered early on, and we can decide together how best to cope with these in order to achieve the best possible performance for your solution.

An additional bonus on the day of implementation: if you would like us to, our experts will be on site for the roll-out. Should any questions or problems occur, you will then be on the safe side.

Training for systems administration

Process optimisation projects always mean changes to the work processes of individual employees. It is therefore crucial to successful changeover management to include all those involved. Here, too, we are happy to support you, for example with training seminars, not only for installation and configuration of the hard and software components, but also for the changes in routines arising from the new processes. This can often even take place in your local language – please ask!