steute at the LogiMAT 2024: Automated material requisition system with extended functionality

The LogiMAT presentation by steute business division Leantec will focus on the latest generation of its automated material requisition system "nexy". The underlying task of this system – uninterrupted tracking of materials to the "last metre" of assembly, logistics and consignment processes – will remain. But new functions and components have been added at all levels: for the sensors in the field, the software, and the human-machine interface.

These new functions will be shown "live" using various demonstrators. Sensors detect e.g. the presence of boxes in eKanban racks, the occupancy of large load carriers, or the movement of dollies on monorail tracks. New products include long-distance laser sensors, as well as robust dolly sensors which can be mounted in the guide rails of material supermarkets and FiFo stations. All sensors are integrated remotely in the nexy communication network. For example, at the software level new logic functions facilitate improved sensor-actor communication at the field level. The corresponding software module docks onto the Sensor Bridge.

Also new is the Predictive Maintenance Dashboard of the nexy system. This monitor visualises the complete system spatially and functionally, displaying the "health status" of the overall system, as well as of each individual sensor in the field. In this way, any potential malfunctions, failures and downtimes can be identified ahead of time, helping to prevent their occurrence.

Additional features of the nexy system include the parallel operation of different applications. Multiple clients can be created and managed in the Sensor Bridge, and all customer applications share the wireless infrastructure with corresponding Access Points. The sensors and actors in the field, as well as the interface parameters, are always only assigned to the responsible client. Conflict-free, parallel operation of different applications and competences within a single production area is thus guaranteed in a single, uniform infrastructure.

Overall, nexy provides users with a wireless-based automated material requisition system which is perfectly adapted to the individual use case and which guarantees uninterrupted data and information flow in intralogistics and production. This facilitates far more precise production and assembly planning, as well as improved replenishment supply. At the LogiMAT, visitors can see the system with its new sensors and functions "live".

steute at the LogiMAT: Hall 5, Booth D61