Non-contact monitoring of holding areas for large load carriers

In production logistics, large load carriers (LLC) are required for the transportation of large and heavy goods. Particularly in the automotive industry, load carriers are often used to relocate large parts such as car bumpers or doors. Wireless laser sensors facilitate non-contact monitoring in holding bays, enabling the transport equipment to be coordinated with greater precision.


  • Reliable monitoring of holding areas for transport equipment
  • Optimised repositioning of large load carriers in tight spaces
  • Additional process safety through predictive requisition management

Large parts can often not be stored at assembly points in any quantity, simply because of their size. This low stock level makes it necessary to have an interim storage, managed at different levels in holding bays or supermarkets. Large load carriers are also held in various locations for temporary storage of production articles. In production halls with conveyor belts, storage is also required at the point of utilisation. During relocation it is therefore essential to know precisely where the large parts are, as well as to detect free and occupied holding areas.

By mounting wireless laser sensors above field level, non-contact monitoring of holding areas is possible. The sensor monitors from its bird's eye view whether the relevant space is free or occupied and then forwards this information to the overall system. This considerably simplifies the coordination of relocation processes, enabling load carrier transportation to be managed predictively.

Products for non-contact monitoring of holding areas for large load carriers