Mobile Andon systems

If a malfunction in the production process occurs or is about to occur, it should be possible for factory workers to raise the alarm quickly and easily without having to leave their workstation and interrupt their work. Mobile alarm systems are therefore installed at workstations, facilitating simple and efficient communication with an Andon system. Error messages can then be displayed on Andon screens, for example, with the optional extra of direct feedback to the workstation in question.


  • Fewer interrupted work processes by not having to leave the workstation
  • Reliable communication of malfunctions to the management system
  • Simple and high-performance real-time communication with users
  • Fully flexible workstations with mobile alarm systems

Integration of an Andon system is already an established method of process optimisation in industrial production. However, push-button alarm systems tend to be cabled, which makes the cost of retrofitting a considerable hurdle as soon as production processes need to become flexible and workstations mobile. By using wireless controls, on the other hand, production workers can trigger predefined alarm and escalation processes even within dynamic production, without having to leave their workstations. Particularly in the context of mobile assembly stations, clear assignation between a message sent and the workstation it is sent from provides a considerable added value. Errors can be localised and eliminated very fast.

The process can be additionally improved by sending a direct feedback to the workstation which triggered the communication. Here intelligent Andon systems with integrated displays automatically show responses to malfunction communications. The assembly worker in question can then confirm receipt of this feedback.

Products for mobile Andon systems