Laser sensor

The use of wireless laser sensors for long distances makes non-contact monitoring possible, detecting any objects independently of their colour, material or surface. This proves to be particularly advantageous in connection with large load carriers (LLC), pallets or other large means of transport.

The RF LDS ZONE guarantees the reliable detection of all types of object. It can be used, for example, to trigger an automatic requisition note as soon as a stock level reaches a pre-defined minimum.

  • Reliable monitoring over distances of up to 5 m

  • Objects can be detected independently of their materials or surface

  • Flexible assembly using universal bracket

  • Automatic requisition notes realisable

  • The sensors are mounted above field level and are therefore not a source of interference for humans or machines

Laser sensor

With the help of the RF 96 BU radio module, the wireless laser sensors can be integrated in the overall system. The sensors are parameterised online via the Sensor Bridge software.

The wireless laser sensors are typically mounted above field level, which guarantees that they will not, on the one hand, become damaged or, on the other hand, hinder staff or transport vehicles. The RF LDS-ZONE detects objects using a matrix of 8 x 4 measuring points. The size of the coverage area depends on the distance of the sensor from the object to be detected. The laser sensor is thus able to monitor the field of vision precisely thanks to the 32 measuring points. Independently of the colour and surface of the object, the ideal measuring distance is between 0.4 m und 5 m.

The sensors are installed using a universal bracket. This facilitates flexible mounting and precise positioning of the sensors in different places, whether below the ceiling, on a wall or against another suitable surface. In this way, optimal adjustment to the specific requirements of the site is guaranteed.

Field of view calculator

The distance of the laser sensor and the size of the monitored area are directly interlinked by the opening angle of the sensor. With our field of view calculator you can quickly and easily calculate the required distance to maximize the efficiency and accuracy of your surveillance.

500 mm5000 mm
Last entrymm
105 mm1000 mm
Last entrymm
Distancea: mm
FoV lengthb: mm
FoV widthc: mm
Recommended object size (min.)d: mm

Technical data

Wireless range

5 m with sufficiently reflective targets

Minimum distance

40 cm, reduced accuracy with shorter distances


± 20 mm ± 2 %, at 3 m, white target

Field of view

12,4° x 5,4°


ASA Polymer

Degree of protection


Ambient temperature

0 °C … +65 °C


The data are only valid in combination with radio module RF 96 BU-NET-LDS!


Mounting instructions – RF LDS SPOT/ZONE-NET

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Mounting instructions – RF LDS Setup Tool

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