Everything in (the field of) sight: Wireless laser sensor for nexy wireless network

The nexy wireless network for monitoring and managing stock levels in intralogistics has expanded at the sensor level. The new RF LDS ZONE wireless laser sensor detects and monitors e.g. pallets and other load carriers within a predefined area.

The compact "time of flight" sensor uses laser to detect objects using a matrix of 8 x 4 measuring points. The size of the coverage area is dependent on the distance to the object being detected.

Thanks to the 32 measuring points, the field of sight can be monitored very precisely. The ideal measuring distance – independently of both object colour and object surface – is within a range of 0.4 to 5.0 m.

The laser sensor is integrated in the wireless system using a separate RF 96 BU-NET radio module. Via this radio module, the RF LDS ZONE laser sensor sends a signal first to the nexy wireless network and then, via a "Sensor Bridge", to the material flow or eKanban control system, which then triggers a requisition note as required.

The sensor data are parameterised and evaluated – as for all sensors and actors in the nexy wireless network – by the central “Sensor Bridge” software.

The sensors are installed using a universal bracket, facilitating flexible mounting and precise positioning in various locations, whether below the ceiling, on a side wall or against another suitable surface. This guarantees optimal adaptation to the specific requirements of the site.

The RF LDS ZONE is available in two different variants – for serial and parallel connection to the radio module. Accessories such as cables and adapters are also available, as well as a set-up tool for correct angling of the sensor towards the load carrier to be detected.