Support & account management

As a long-term partner for your Lean Management projects, we are particularly keen to continue supporting you with our expertise following successful implementation of your WSN. Here the focus will be on product extensions, feature enquiries and process analyses. Defined key performance indicators (KPI) will allow you to control and evaluate your daily business in order to continue optimising your processes in the future. And if you should require any extra or replacement parts, our Technical Support will be only too happy to help.

Service Level Agreement

In the event of a malfunction, your nexy system must be ready for immediate use again. You decide how quickly by selecting the service level. There are four different nexy service levels: Basic, Plus, Premium and Emergency.

For further information or individual service, we will be glad to advise you.

Support service

  • Fault clearance by remote maintenance
  • Support for all kinds of questions about the delivered nexy system
  • Access to our support hotline (email or phone)
  • Support work via remote maintenance is carried out exclusively with the consent of the client
  • Support of the client with the installation of updates and extensions by phone
  • On-site maintenance possible on request
  • Documentation of all support services