What is nexy? Andreas Schenk explains

nexy: eKanban system presented by Hasan Aktas

nexy: eKanban software and wireless sensors presented by Jens Lindemeier

nexy: "Wake up" function for AGVs in deep sleep mode demonstrated by Stefan Vieker

nexy: Wireless sensor network solutions

eKanban system

Mobile Andon systems

AGV "Wake-up" function

Stack light

Wireless tilting sensor RF RW SW868/915-NET

How-to videos

Configuration and parametrisation of the Sensor Bridge software

Step 1: Initial operation of the Sensor Bridge

Step 2: Activation and configuration of the Access Points

Step 3: Configuration of groups and Sensor Bridge settings

Step 4: Set-up and configuration of new sensors and actors

Step 5: Configuration of the various interfaces

Setup of the wireless laser sensor RF LDS-NET

Step 1: Mounting and adjusting

Step 2: Connecting

Step 3: Positioning

Setup of the wireless tilting sensor RF RW-NET

Step 1: Mounting and adjusting