Laser sensor for "spot" detection of pallets and containers

With its nexy wireless network, steute has developed a complete wireless-based system for monitoring and managing stock levels in intralogistics. The corresponding range of wireless sensors is continually being expanded – the most recent addition being a laser sensor for permanent monitoring of the occupancy of containers and large load carriers, as well as the detection of pallets.

The task of an RF LDS SPOT sensor: mounted in a protected position, it detects e.g. a parking area for pallets using points or spots. It can detect the existence of a pallet or recognise the number of SLC or box layers on a pallet – at distances of up to 10 metres. If the number falls below a predefined threshold value, a requisition note is automatically triggered.

Via the Sensor Bridge software acting as middleware, the RF LDS SPOT laser sensor sends a corresponding signal to the material flow or eKanban control unit, which then orders replenishments as required.

The distance is determined by "time of flight" measurement of a light pulse. This measuring principle has the advantage that the switching point of the sensor is as good as independent of the colour or surface material of the object in question.

The laser sensor is integrated in the wireless system using a separate RF 96 BU-NET radio module. The sensor data are parameterised and evaluated – as for all sensors and actors in the nexy wireless network – by the central Sensor Bridge software.

Installation of the RF LDS SPOT is made easier by means of a universal bracket which permits precise positioning of the sensor in various locations – below the ceiling, on a side wall or against other suitable surfaces. This provides users with flexible choices when mounting the laser sensor.



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