New functions and components for the nexy communication network

With nexy, steute has developed a wireless automated materials requisition system which guarantees the uninterrupted flow of data and information in intralogistics and production. The system generates a "digital twin" of the physical material flow, permitting e.g. more precise planning of production and assembly, as well as improved replenishment management. Digitalised materials stations and supermarkets can be integrated in this wireless network, as well as mobile "sites" such as AGV, dollies and eKanban racks.

At the LogiMAT 2023, steute will be using a demonstrator to present a configurable dashboard. The current status of all sensors is visualised in real time. Overviews can be displayed as required on any number of monitors. The only prerequisite is a standard browser. In addition, customised logic functions such as "traffic lights" (red/yellow/green) can be integrated and visualised.

The nexy app will also be premiering in Stuttgart. It facilitates the teaching in and management on site of all components in the field, making initial operation considerably more comfortable, especially in the case of larger nexy installations with several hundred field devices. Users only need to scan the identity code of the sensor or actor and can then perform the parameterisation in the Sensor Bridge, regardless of location. Provision of all necessary information directly on site also benefits users when retrofitting the system or during service.

New components include a laser sensor with a wide field of view which can be mounted e.g. above storage areas to detect the presence of pallets or large containers. This gives you transparency regarding the current status of your company processes, and you can activate workflows automatically according to the sensor information you receive. For example, orders can be sent, visualisations on status monitors updated, or other actions performed.

The clearly defined direction which the further development of nexy is taking will be patently obvious at the LogiMAT: it is continually expanding to include new components and functions, enabling it to perform its task – the uninterrupted visualisation, control and monitoring of in-house material flow – ever more optimally and comprehensively.


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