nexy creates transparency in production and assembly

This year at the Motek, the steute booth presentation will focus on the latest nexy eKanban system. This system developed especially for this application spans a stable wireless network across the shop floor, encompassing production, assembly and/or consignment.

Wireless sensors detect, for example, containers inside racks. They monitor dollies and tugger trains on the "milk run" to assembly points, as well as pallets and large load carriers in "supermarkets" for in-house material supplies.

The sensor signals produce a complete and digital visualisation of the material flow. They are sent by remote control first to Access Points and from there to a Sensor Bridge which communicates via an interface with superordinate IT systems for material flow management (ERP, PPS, WMS...). Information flow is thus uninterrupted, creating transparency from the provision of parts to the assembly point.

In practice, the replenishment of parts as managed by nexy is actually even more precise, avoiding bottlenecks and/or excess stock. Containers or components are not only registered at certain fixed points, e.g. during an automated or manual scan, but along their entire route, and also when "on the move", e.g. on tugger trains or mobile eKanban racks. In addition, users receive a data set which enables material flow to be better controlled and continually optimised.

Pre-configured software modules are available for each of the individual applications within the wireless network (eKanban, dolly monitoring, transfer of loads from stationary conveyors to AGV, control of stack lights…). This makes getting started with a nexy system far simpler.

New functions and interfaces for the Sensor Bridge software will be presented in Stuttgart, but also and especially new hardware components for incorporation within the wireless network. Wireless laser sensors are able to monitor long and short distances, while receivers facilitate the integration of stack lights in wireless systems.


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