Receiver for integrating signalling columns in wireless systems

The steute business unit "Wireless" is expanding its range of wireless sensors and actors to include a new wireless actor which enables signalling columns or stack lights to be integrated in the nexy wireless network.

The RF UBR (universal bidirectional receiver) device facilitates activation of existing or new signalling columns from various manufacturers. This means that operators of machines and plants can receive information from e.g. an ERP, warehouse management or eKanban system. In addition, the actor can be used for real-time monitoring and data analysis in production, assembly and consignment.

The RF UBR is available in two variants – one for connection to the existing 24 V-DC supply, the other for connection to the 85 – 230 V-AC network. With the latter version, users can fully power a signalling column via the wireless actor – without the need for an external energy supply. The wireless connection is the industry-compatible and internationally deployable sWave.NET wireless protocol.

The switching outputs of the wireless actor can be configured and visualised via the Sensor Bridge web interface of the nexy wireless network.

With the new wireless actor, users have the possibility to communicate device status changes remotely from a host system to the signalling columns on site. By integrating the signalling columns in the wireless network, production bottlenecks can be detected immediately. The shop floor is transparent, the monitoring of machines is simpler, and material shortages can be detected and eliminated without delay.

This new actor thus has an important role to play within the nexy wireless network, which is primarily installed in industrial intralogistics applications. As well as activating signalling columns, the RF UBR can also be used as a universal wireless actor or control element, e.g. to open and close factory gates.