Wireless actor

The wireless actor is used to switch selected electrical consumers. It has four separate outputs which can be used to control a variety of functions. The sWave.NET® wireless system and the Sensor Bridge connect the wireless actor simply and easily to the system. The Sensor Bridge serves as a central database for management of the output status. As a standard feature it provides a REST-API via http(s) to control the outputs and to request new status updates.

  • Integration in the sWave.NET® wireless system

  • 4 independently switching outputs

  • Usable without a voltage transformer, with a supply voltage of 24 V or 48 V

  • Variants with relay or optocoupler output available

  • Extremely low power consumption (small 20 mA), thus very well suited to mobile applications

Wireless actor

With the wireless actor, consumers such as indicator lamps can be switched in typical Andon applications. Due to the extremely low power consumption of the actors, the devices are also used in mobile AGV in order to extend the running times of these vehicles. For example, an AGV can be woken by a wireless actor from its Deep Sleep mode. A 48 V variant compatible with the on-board power supply and which can be used without a voltage transformer has been developed especially for this purpose. Connection to the AGV system via optocoupler outputs further improves energy efficiency.

Technical data




SMA plug-in connector for external antenna

Wireless range

max. 700 m


4 NO contacts (relays or optoelectronic photo relays)


DIN rail mounting

Degree of protection


Ambient temperature

0 °C … +55 °C


Mounting instructions – RF Rx-NET-4S-A

German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian

PDF 2 MB 05.10.2023
Mounting instructions – RF Rx-NET-4S-A 48V

German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian

PDF 2 MB 05.10.2023

Article list

Type Material no.
RF Rx SW868-NET-4S-A 1454159
RF Rx SW868-NET-4S-A 48V 1479040
RF Rx SW915-NET-4S-A 1455790
RF Rx SW915-NET-4S-A 48V
RF Rx SW917-NET-4S-A 1395496
RF Rx SW917-NET-4S-A 48V
RF Rx SW922-NET-4S-A
RF Rx SW922-NET-4S-A 48V