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More containers, please! Versatile wireless network for intralogistics

The best solution for precise management of material requisition in assembly and production halls is a wireless network which keeps its eyes and ears open – so to speak – and knows where replenishments are located at all times. This guarantees that all assembly points are kept supplied – without shortfalls, across the entire process.

Source: MY FACTORY (10/2023)

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Precision requisition management in intralogistics – Universal wireless network as a platform

"At one fell swoop" – this is the simplest way to describe the different ways of using a wireless network for requisition management. The nexy network assumes multiple functions and facilitates precise control of material flow in production, assembly and consignment.

Source: f+h Fördern und Heben (09/2023)

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Wireless networks for information flow

How are moving components and load carriers to be integrated in the company information flow? A wireless-based automated material requisition system is available for just this task and monitors stock precisely anywhere within the (material) flow.

Source: INDUSTRIAL Production (5/2022)

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Rifornimento via wireless - Integrazione di AGV, dolly e scaffali eKanban

Perché è necessario un sistema di richiesta automatizzato, se già si dispone di un ERP o WMS? Buona domanda. E' necessario se i livelli delle scorte devono essere gestiti non in modo approssimativo, ma in modo preciso.

Pubblicato su: Technische Logistik (04/2023)

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Colmare il divario nel flusso di informazioni - Monitoraggio in tempo reale del flusso del materiale con rete wireless

Addio al nastro trasportatore: con questo motto, diverse aziende lungimiranti hanno riorganizzato il proprio flusso di materiale. I trasportatori fissi sono stati sostituiti da unità mobili e quindi flessibili, come AGV, treni tugger o rack mobili eKanban. Il prerequisito per questi progressi è un nuovo approccio al flusso di informazioni - logicamente con la tecnologia wireless.

Pubblicato su: robotik UND PRODUKTION (02/2023)

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La spina dorsale wireless che supporta la comunicazione

Nell'automatizzazione in intralogistica il principio guida deve essere: flusso di informazioni prima del flusso del materiale - quest'ultimo sempre mobile. Una rete wireless fornisce un'immagine completa e accurata dei processi, in ogni momento.

Pubblicato su: konstruktionspraxis (04/2023)

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Trasparenza fino all'ultimo metro

FLUSSO DEL MATERIALE - Alla Volkswagen di Dresda la "produzione trasparente" è una realtà e sempre più aziende produttive mettono in pratica il principio della completa trasparenza, almeno a livello di flusso del materiale. Un sistema di richiesta materiale automatico basato sulla tecnologia wireless colma il divario (di informazioni) fino all'ultimo metro.

Pubblicato su: GO>>ing (03/2023)


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Sensors and antennas are best when integrated

In a project by the cluster of excellence it´s OWL, steute is currently testing the integration of sensors and antennas in the enclosures of control systems and user interfaces for industrial, as well as medical applications. A combination of laser-direct structuring and additive manufacturing is being used. The results are extremely promising.

Source: etz (11/2022)


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Stock monitoring: remote materials requisition for efficient intralogistics

Uninterrupted monitoring of stock within the in-house material flow is a prerequisite if replenishments are to be needs-based. The usual enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems have some gaps which can be closed by opting for a remote automated materials requisition system.


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Remotely controlled transparency - Towards the digital shop floor

When optimising in-house processes, a remotely controlled shop floor information system can be the solution to improving inventory management, e.g. of assembly components. It enables the complete inventory within eKanban systems and the "supermarkets" supplying the factory to be digitally visualised. The system is very versatile, not least due to its wide variety of available wireless sensors.

Source: MY FACTORY (09/2022)

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Integration in information flow - Material supply: transparency from start to finish

Sensors have an important role to play in material requirements planning (MRP) for e.g. assembly lines. They detect the current stock status at the various assembly points and can then send a signal triggering needs-based material flow management. This works particularly well when the sensors transmit their signals within a wireless system developed especially for this purpose.

Source: Technische Logistik (05/2022)

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Wireless-based eKanban for the shop floor and logistics

The basis for uninterrupted integration of physical objects in state-of-the-art factories is a system which is perfectly adapted to the application in question. Facilitated by a wireless network, such systems enable data and information to be captured and made available to downstream intelligence. As real-life examples have already shown: investing in a wireless automated materials requisition system can prove cost-effective within just a few months.

Source: digital-factory-journal (2/2022)

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