Wireless networks for assembly and handling processes

How can material flow be optimised in the final stages of the assembly process? Even with end-to-end, computer-controlled stock management, interruptions still often occur in practice because C parts are missing. Or the permanent stock for these parts increases, binding both space and capital.

The steute business division Leantec will be providing answers at the Motek. With its "nexy" solution, steute has developed a wireless-based automated material requisition system which guarantees uninterrupted data and information flow in intralogistics and production. It facilitates more precise production and assembly planning, as well as more efficient supply of replenishments.

At the Motek 2023, steute will be using a demonstrator to present the latest version of its nexy wireless network for assembly workstations. At the shop floor level, sensors detect containers in e.g. materials supermarkets, parking areas and at the workstations themselves. They transmit their signals via Access Points and the sWave.NET® wireless protocol to a Sensor Bridge, which in turn connects to the superordinate IT infrastructure (ERP, WMS, MES…).

A dashboard can be configured for the individual automated material requisition system, displaying the "well-being" of the overall system. Each sensor is visualised with its current function and battery status, as well as each Access Point. New sensors are easy to integrate, either via the web interface of the Sensor Bridge or via an app directly in the field.

Additional features of the nexy system include the integration of logical functions such as "traffic lights" (red/yellow/green), which can of course also be visualised on the dashboard. This is facilitated by a software module developed by steute which docks onto the Sensor Bridge.

Various pre-configured applications are also available, e.g. for controlling eKanban systems and AGV fleets, as well as for Andon consignment systems and for location-independent remote control of stack lights. Multiple applications can operate within the same wireless network, increasing the efficiency of the automated material requisition system with its wireless infrastructure, while also achieving greater transparency for the material flow.

steute at the Motek: Hall 5, Booth 5230