Automated transfer of goods to AGV

The transfer of small load carriers (SLC), parcels or other goods from one area to another is often a cause of expensive allocation errors and/or unnecessary delays. To avoid such situations, transfer points can be equipped with intelligent sensors, facilitating the complete automation of in-house transportation. A central control system intelligently selects the nearest available automated guided vehicle (AGV), while at the same time preventing errors from occurring.


  • Reliable prevention of mix-ups and allocation errors
  • Minimisation of delays for in-house transportation of goods
  • Reduced fleet size through optimised use of individual AGV

Integrated sensors at transfer points within storage systems such as roller conveyors or FIFO racks facilitate the permanent monitoring of material flow. As soon as an SLC or parcel is ready and waiting at a transfer point, a signal is automatically sent to the material flow control system. It then identifies the nearest available AGV and sends it to the transfer point. Once the AGV has loaded the goods, the control system is notified again and can direct the AGV to its destination without delay.

An essential element of automated in-house transportation of goods is that all transfer processes are digitally visualised within the management system. Only then can the system call up reliable information about the occupancy of individual transport points at any time. In this way, not only consignment processes, but also the provision of materials to assembly points can be optimised.

Products for automated transfer of goods to AGV