Individualisable software modules

The IT integration requirements in intralogistics are as diverse as the application scenarios. The internal and user interfaces for our system are therefore developed as separate software modules which are then simple to integrate and customise, as desired.

Status notifications and information about material flow can be displayed at numerous workstations, contributing to smooth work processes and answering questions such as: "Is slot x occpied?", "When was a pallet last stored in this location?", "Do we still have enough material?", "How long will our stock last?" "When will ..x.. be replenished?" or "How long has this product been in slot x?". Using the versatile visualisation module, appropriate overviews can be displayed on as many monitors as desired. All that is required is a standard browser.

SAP connection through configurable interfaces

For the connection of ERP systems like SAP, we provide the SAP RFC Connector, a dedicated software module which can be adapted to the relevant configuration of the ERP system. Whenever events occur, such as the removal of a small load carrier from an eKanban rack, IDOC data can be transferred to SAP by RFC.

Customising of individual interfaces

Different interfaces are included in the standard scope of the Sensor Bridge software, e.g. REST API, Modbus TCP and transmission of switching information via http POST. In addition, countless additional interfaces or data formats can be realised. Examples include transmission of data in XML format via an SOAP interface, or realisation of an OPC UA client or server to communicate or present switching states. If desired, individual solutions for user interfaces can be created for each new application.