“Wake-up” function for AGV in deep sleep mode

Automated guided vehicles (AGV) still require power when they are standing around unused, leading to extra costs and reducing their efficiency. It is not practical, however, to switch them off completely because they have to be ready at a moment's notice. In order to provide both – low energy consumption and availability at short notice – the systems are equipped with an additional "low power" wireless technology responsible for managing periods of rest. As soon as the AGV is required, the low-energy technology reactivates it, and then the main control system can immediately put it to productive use.


  • Minimum power consumption during standstill and loading periods
  • Increased availability and efficiency of individual vehicles
  • Better use of vehicle fleet or reduction of vehicles

AGVs already come equipped with a wireless system, for example on the basis of Wi-Fi technology, used to control the transportation. However, state-of-the-art vehicles can be upgraded to include sWave.NET® devices offering a perfect combination of energy efficiency and rapid reaction times.

When a vehicle has to stand still in one place for a longer period of time, for example because the assembly point for its next work step is occupied by another vehicle, its main wireless system can be temporarily shut down, leaving just the low-energy wireless connection – or deep sleep mode. This low-energy wireless technology still maintains the connection to the control system, meaning that ad hoc reactions are possible at any time. As soon as the vehicle receives a “wake-up” prompt, the reaction is immediate. Within milliseconds the vehicle's receiver reactivates the AGV control system, and the vehicle is once again ready for use.

Use of the LPWAN technology sWave.NET® is by no means restricted to wake-up applications for AGV systems in deep sleep mode, however. On the contrary, via sWave.NET® many other applications, such as mobile eKanban or Andon systems, can be operated in parallel and via the same wireless infrastructure – enabling you to profit from the savings to be made from this “low power” technology.

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